Educate Suite

Our Educate suite is driven by the core motto of “Bridging the financial literacy gap with simple, innovative & educational products”

India is slated to become the world’s 3rd largest economy and the most populous country, with 64% working population and 570 million in middle-class population by 2025. However,

“76% of Indian adults do not understand basic financial concepts”

So in spite of being among the highest savers in the world, we are poor investors. Most of the household savings are still directed towards non-financial assets like real estate and gold or low interest yielding financial products.

Lack of knowledge with respect to basic financial concepts & products, financial planning, retirement planning, debt management, insurance etc. compounds our ability to lead a financially secure life.

Our Educate Suite of products comprises of simple, engaging, multilingual & multimedia Financial Educational Content that is delivered through Web Portal / Mobile App / Other interactive tools.  We cater to financial literacy & education requirements for:

  • Students
  • Working Adults: Different Income Segments & Geography
  • Retirees
  • Investment Professionals