Engage Suite

Our Engage Suite of Products is aimed at helping businesses engage better with new prospects and their existing clients to acquire new customers, drive higher customer satisfaction, retention & upsell and thereby higher revenue

“Over 78% customers prefer to spend more with a company because of a history of positive customer service experiences”

Today’s age is the age of social media. As consumers prefer to increasingly seek information about the company and its products on various social platforms, it becomes critical to not just listen to these consumers but also engage them on their preferred channels. Infact as per a leading survey, 71% customers are likely to recommend the brand to others after receiving a prompt brand response on social media.

Further use of technology to reduce back office costs and improve service TAT has become the need of the hour to enhance customer experience and hence retention & upsell

Our Engage Suite of products comprises of our flagship product: Relaso

Relaso enables Sales Management, CRM & workflow automation powered by the Social Media Connect Engine to help businesses acquire and retain more customers alongwith improving operational efficiency